Survey Mondays: A Different Way to Give

Today, One Heartland is launching something new – a campaign that allows anyone and everyone to support camp without opening their checkbooks! One Heartland is one of the only local charities supported by SurveyMonkey Contribute, the charitable operation run by the hugely successful west-coast tech company. Supporting camp through SurveyMonkey Contribute is easy and fun: Just let us know you’re taking partchoose a username and password, and start taking surveys! Surveys range from polls on hot-button political topics to rating the latest As-Seen-On-TV kitchen product. Whatever survey you get, you know it’s going to be fun! And for every survey a One Heartland supporter completes, we get $0.50 (or $1 with the iPhone plugin)!

One Heartland has been with SurveyMonkey Contribute since the beginning of the program, but now we’re taking it to the next level. We want to get 2,000 new survey-takers supporting One Heartland (Sign up here or take a survey now!)

We’re asking supporters to pledge to take just two surveys per week. That’s right – in just five minutes per week, you can help secure the future of camp. Or, if you can’t commit to 2 surveys per week, you can pledge to donate $52 to One Heartland this year – the amount a survey-taker will raise by taking just two surveys per week.

“We’re excited to promote this opportunity as a way for every One Heartland supporter to contribute to camp, especially those who might not be able to afford a traditional donation,” One Heartland Executive Director Patrick Kindler said. “Camp is all about having fun and making sure everyone is involved. The Survey Mondays campaign is the perfect encapsulation of that.”

It’s easy. It’s fun. What are you waiting for? Just click, raise, camp! Take the pledge and start taking surveys now!

Please contact with any questions.