About One Heartland

Since 1993, One Heartland has been creating life-changing camp experiences for youth facing social isolation, intolerance or serious health challenges. Our camps provide a welcoming, bully-free environment where children, youth and young adults can feel completely accepted for who they are—often for the first time in their lives.

The physical and emotional safety of our campers is our highest priority, so we provide one counselor for every two campers. One Heartland also offers hands-on learning and life-skills training—not in the classroom, but while planting vegetables, performing skits, swimming in the pool, painting murals, exploring the wilderness, writing poetry, dancing up a storm and lying under the star-lit sky.

At One Heartland, young people develop self-acceptance, life-long friendships and the courage to face the world.


Improve the lives of children, youth and families facing significant health challenges or social isolation.


A world where everyone feels appreciated, celebrated and free of stigma and discrimination. We want a community where individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow so that they may lead healthier and more productive lives.


education: Focus on growth through education; provide the knowledge and resources for our participants to manage their unique circumstances. recreation: Harness the power of the natural environment, play and team building to grow strong individuals and community leaders. diversity: A strong community celebrates each person’s individuality. partnerships: An essential element of building a strong community. responsiveness: Support the changing needs of our community.