Family Camp True Colors

For LGBTQ+ families

The Camp True Colors experience, for all ages! Family Camp is a chance for families with family member(s) with an LGBTQ+ identity to get away and enjoy time with each other and with other LGBTQ+ families, in an environment that was created with your family in mind.   

Fill your days with classic summer camp activities led by our experienced camp staff, connecting with other LGBTQ+ families, bonding with your own family, time relaxing in your cabin or by the pool, or all of the above – at Family Camp the choice is yours! And – we handle all the meals, activities, and logistics, so you can focus on having fun.

Are we eligible/is it right for us?

Family Camp True Colors is for families with at least one member (of any age or family role, adult or child) who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community.  While all families that fit this are welcome, as is anyone of any age who you consider family, Family Camp True Colors is best suited to family groups with at least one child age 5-17, and at least one adult 18+ who is a parent and/or primary caregiver of that child. If that doesn’t describe your group but you are interested in Family Camp, we encourage contacting us before registering so we can help make sure it will be a positive experience for everyone. 

Everyone under 18 must have a custodial parent/guardian/caregiver age 18+ at Family Camp with them, who will be responsible for their overall supervision during the entire session. Children ages 7+ will have the option to participate in some independent daytime activities separately from their adults, under the supervision of trained and experienced camp staff.   

Family Camp True Colors takes place at the One Heartland Center in Minnesota, but families do not need to live in Minnesota to attend! We offer transportation between camp and the MSP airport as well as a meeting place in Minneapolis. 

Beyond that, we’re happy to talk with you more about your specific family and the program, as well as any barriers you might have to attending – contact us at 888-216-2028 or   

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