New Bat Houses at One Heartland Center

Over the weekend of May 24, local “bat man” Randall Warren spent an afternoon installing the bat houses at One Heartland Center that he had generously donated to camp.

The houses will attract hundreds of bats from the surrounding area and give them a comfortable place to call home. In return, the bats will keep the bug population down around camp (yay! fewer mosquitoes!) and the permanent homes will also keep them from roosting in less desriable locations (like cabin roofs).

And, of course, just as with other camp additions – like the vegetable garden and our goats – the bat houses have an educational component as well. Camp participants will have the chance to observe the bats and learn all about these fascinating and miisunderstood creatures. (Bats, for instance, are the only mammals capable of sustained flight).

Here are some pictures taken by Randall’s wife, Jan. We’d like to thank them both for their generosity and expertise!