Earth Day 2014

Convening with nature is how we heal, become inspired and find peace, and so we here at One Heartland understand the value in exposing all children to nature – especially those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a natural environment. It is also why we try our best to act as good stewards of our lovely 80+ acres of wilderness in Willow River, Minn. With our shrinking natural world, proper care of the trees and lakes on our grounds has become even more important – and we are committed to providing children the opportunity to visit them for generations to come.

As stated in this article written in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, we plant trees not for ourselves, but for our grandchildren. And that’s why we take such great pride in our little corner of the world.

If you are interested in helping us care for this land that we are so lucky to call our permanent home, please considering volunteering or making a financial contribution.

And happy Earth Day from everyone here at One Heartland!