Birch Family Camp Announcement

One Heartland has come to the difficult decision to cease operation of Birch Family Camp.

Unfortunately the program which we have operated since 2007 is simply no longer an option, financially, for our organization. At the end of the year 2014, Birch Camp will have an operating deficit of $151,000. So while this was far from an easy decision to make – and truly was profoundly difficult for our board and our staff – it is a decision that is vital to the continued financial health of One Heartland.

All of us at One Heartland are greatly saddened by this decision. But we are also so incredbily proud to have been a part of Birch camp. And even though the camp may not be running any longer, it will forever be in our hearts.

If you have questiuons, you may reach out to Patrick Kindler, One Heartland’s Executive Director, at 888 216 2028 x 104