25 Stories: Patrick Kindler

One Heartland Executive Director (2011-present)


Patrick Kindler has been serving as Executive Director at One Heartland since January 2011. He first joined the organization in June 2006, serving as Camp Director then Program Director during his first 5 years. Patrick is passionate about program development and has helped expand One Heartland’s model to serve more kids than ever.

Before it closed in 2013, Patrick worked at One Heartland’s Birch Family Camp in New York where he enjoyed doing home visits and getting to know the campers’ parents. He says you can learn a lot about kids by talking to their parents and earn the trust of families who have often been through so much. Now he visits our camp in Willow River, MN at least once a week all summer long.

Patrick works hard to bring the camp experience to as many kids as possible because he knows what camp gives. Youth who don’t find their place in school, with a sports team, or in other areas of life find a place to belong at camp. As someone who started going to camp from a young age, Patrick knows that “Camp is a place where you can be yourself, learn, and grow.”


What’s your favorite camp memory?