25 Stories: Carol Nelson

Club Meds volunteer (2007-present) 


I became involved in camp through my son Nate Henry who was a counselor for several years, starting in 2006. Later my son David was also a camp counselor for several summers.

Lots of memories from camp: The great skits and dramas, including the all-camp days with Wizard of Oz, Alice and Wonderland, Willy Wonka, Indiana Jones and many others; watching campers grow every year and some becoming L.I.T.s and counselors; getting marooned in 2011 by the flooding of Kettle River; watching the campers interact with the goats; Jill in the banana costume is a great memory… Working with wonderful nurses in Club Meds and having them teach me how to manage medication records!

“Working with children from many backgrounds is both inspiring and humbling.”

Working with children from many backgrounds is both inspiring and humbling. My summers are enriched by the wonderful staff who work very hard to make the experience a great one for the campers. Being a part of camp brings more meaning and happiness to my life. That’s why I keep coming back.


What’s your favorite camp memory?