Camp Counselor Positions (MN and CA)

Lead Counselor

Lead counselors mentor and support a small group of counselors throughout each week, in addition to taking on a higher level of responsibility for leading quality activities in a variety of areas around camp. Staff in this role will live in their assigned unit and be able to provide guidance through a friendly and approachable attitude.

Interested applicants should have previous experience as a counselor in a residential camp setting.

$300/week plus room and board.

Program Counselor

Program Counselors are the backbone of camp, responsible for ensuring the physical, emotional, spiritual, health-safety and well-being of each individual camper. In addition to living in a bunk with their group of 5-10 campers, they may also be responsible for leading programs both inside and outside of their cabin. Individuals in this position should be fully invested in recognizing the full potential that each camper possesses.

Interested applicants should be adaptable, open to new learning, and excited about the prospect of spending their summer with young people ages 7-17. (ages 15-20 for Camp Hollywood Heart)

$275/week, plus room and board.